Latest Video, I Can’t Stop Loving You, from Bobby Osborne

The latest music video from Bobby Osborne featuring Ronnie Reno, Glen Duncan, Allyn Love, Hugh More, and Bobby Osborne, Jr.

5 thoughts on “Latest Video, I Can’t Stop Loving You, from Bobby Osborne

  1. I am Boyce Edward’s youngest daughter. I’m Judy. I don’t know if you remember me or not. But I do you and your family well from years ago. The last time we visited with you guys you had bought a farm in Portland TN.
    My dad is still alive but his memory isn’t what it once was. I’m trying to find anything that has been recorded with him playing his fiddle or guitar on. You see I took his musical talent for granted I guess. I thought my parents would never grow old. I’m desperately looking for anything at all. I know there have been others but I have always remembered you more than any.. Well I was around you more than the others. Iasked Sonny and he only mentioned him playing before we moved to Hendersonville TN. I was only 3 then so it would have been 1969.
    I did talk to your son Bobby Jr. I haven’t met him. But I did have a good talk with him on the phone. He probably thought I was so crazed I remember Tina being close to my age. Then Wen was close to my sister Barb and Robbie was close in age with my sister Kathy. We spent a lot of time at your house in Hendersonville. I remember that sound proof room where you, my dad and others rehearsals. I have always thought that was the coolest thing in the Any help at all would be appreciated. I just want to be able to hear my Daddy play . I know I’m partial because he is my Dad. But I’ve always thought he was the best fiddle player ever. And I’ve always thought you you and Sonny with the word Bluegrass. I think you’re the greatest. You don’t know how many times I’ve sung Rockey Top when I hear it. I always so I know them. I used to go to Bobby’s house
    Of course ppl thought I was crazy. But I’ll always remember those good ole days.
    I hope you are doing great. And you’re family as well. Like I said if you can think of anything zi would appreciate it more than you know.

  2. Please excuse the typos. I had tears in my eyes and I then proof read it.

  3. Such an amazing voice Mr Osborne has. Ruby and rocky top are my favorite songs. But to still be singing at 86 years old just shows how much he loves what he does. Absolutely amazing to me. Thank you for your service in the military and and bringing joy to millions of people with your talent in music.

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